Mission February 2015 Turkey

In February some SSCH members have left Italy with 200 coats and 150 fleeces which have been divided in two two refugee camps. In addition they have brought 150 food packs in the camp n.1

Camp 1:

The first camp we targeted for the February mission is an official camp menaged by Syria. The refugees receive two meals every day but they are not sufficient for a suitable subsistence level. In this camp there is no solidairity neither reciprocal help between refugees.
Camp 2:
The second one is a spontaneous camp and for this reason there aren’t any assignments save our interventions in the months of November, December and February. On November we became aquainted with Mohammed’s situation, a children affected by what seemed not treated hepatitis. He was suffering because of liquids dumped in his abdomen; this was making him die slowly. For this reason in the months of November and December has took part in the mission a heart-surgeon woman who, in addition to take care and cure Mohammed, has attended all the children of the camp. As in February, also in December we have brought with us coats, fleeces and food. On February on our reporting it has been possible also an intervention by IOM which brought tents, blankets and boots for kids. In this camp there are either solidarity and mutual help.
Both of the camps are the portait of poverty. The ground is covered of mud, water and snow which make a dramatic situation as it is severely worse. We remind that the cold is one of the predominant cause of death.

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