Daraa’s house, a school for children

Daraa is a town located in southern Syria, on the border with Jordan, theater since 2011 of bloody clashes and devastation among the civilian population. It is difficult for International Organizations to know the number of civilian victims and refugees, mainly  children, helpless victims of other people’s folly.

Here in Daraa, a heap of ruins  and destruction, The Son of War for Children, the London-based charity found a structure  to be used as a school, with a large living room, a room where to cook lunch, and a small garden with some trees where the children can play.

In this school children, aged between 4 and 6 years, orphans of a parent or of both , find shelter.

Here these orphan children can do pre-school and recreational activities in a safe and secure environment, receive a wholesome meal every day, 5 days a week, from 8 to 14.

In this safe and healthy environment there is a reception center, where the children feel the warmth of a family, overcome the traumas caused by the war, and  can receive the necessary tools that in the future can enable them to change the fate of their country, in peace.

Project target

Our target is to help The Son of War for Children / London responsible of the project, to  support this school on an ongoing basis contributing to monthly expenses such as renting, salaries for the two teachers and nanny, canteen and the necessary for recreational school activities.

Let us remember that education is not only a right but a  concrete instrument for  changing  reality in a non – violent way in countries at war.

Why  not offer  these children the opportunity for a life of love and care   far from wars?

What to do?

Support us with free donations, causal payment “Daraa’s house”:!

You can find here the instructions to make donations safely. Thanks!

Daraa school and its little guests want to thank you for your help

For more information write to info@supportandsustainchildren.org

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