Mission Turkey – June 2018

We already know that the missions at the Syrian border are always dangerous and difficult to plan. We need to set up things from Italy with the help of people and associations on  site as for  our safety and the distribution of food and first aid supplies.
When we leave we already are aware that the unforeseen is always on the agenda. We just need to handle it  without getting into a panic.
We left , myself (Arianna) and Andrea (the photoreporter). Andrea ready to take amazing shots  of our little children. Personally,  I’m not at ease, I mean, less than I usually feel. We had been threatened ,as it had already happened, but this time the threat has a name and it seems real.
We are not heroes, so we tried to weigh every move and every risk and before  reaching  the camps  we received some safety measures.
The heat was stifling , we really didn’t feel well. And something went wrong! We had problems in hiring a van to carry the food baskets, the number of baskets was uncertain,  and mainly,  our escort  didn’t appear.

But we are determined: if you give in to despair every mission will fail. Andrea and myself  work well together, easily understand  and stand each other, even when we have to stand up to hard work and sleep hasn’t been enough

When at the camp we found the situation worse than ever: the families are more that before,  they have been facing years in extreme poverty and despair and they are exasperated, so it  becomes difficult to handle them.
What is wonderful is to meet again the kids  we know and have been  supporting for years. They run to meet us, they call us by name. We like to sit inside the tents and watch people who try to make us feel well with the little they have ( this time it was Ramadam and they made us fastening too!).
Some time ago, it was difficult to hand out the baskets, now everything is well organized, we have lists with the names of people  entitled yo receive the basket. This is thanks to the contacts and friends we have on the spot.
This time we have planned a double basket for the many orphans, the same that were given energy bars last March.
The doctor is  not with us, he is taken up in Irak. No health care then, but fortunately no serious ilnesses this time,  as if often occurs.
We always try to find some time to spend with the kids, sitting on the floor, telling them something about ourselves and listening to their little hearts talking about their very sad life.
We know all of them, we hug them, we reach their higher level: the one of , innocence. They smile, even after spending hours of hard work in the fields, exploited and wonded in the soul and dignity.

These kids hàve no parents, no dreams, no future. They are invisible, fragile like  butterfly’ s wings, but they can offer more than what they receive. We never leave empty handed: it can be a plastic ring , a fruit.
We go away feeling that we did everything possible but not enough. No child, no human being should live on charity.
Yet, our help can do and made the difference between life and death.

It has been a very short mission, always in a rush. Just two days dangerous and in great agitation, but everything went well . We know that we have no choice: come back as soon as possible.

That is the promise we made looking into the eyes of a child.

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