It was cold in January and February. Children were all barefoot and had no jackets. Only Arianna and Luca made it to the camp this time, but they managed to buy and distribute 2 tracks full of boots and jackets to more than 1000 children. Unfortunately, they couldn’t afford distributing food packs to the 800 families of the camp: money is never enough and the association can only rely on the spontaneous contributions from the donors.

Still they didn’t miss to give milk to malnourished children and vouchers for the orphans. These young children live in very harsh conditions, they are alone in the camp and the older ones already work in the fields nearby earning only a few euros per day.

Education is the only instrument we can offer them in order to change their life, together with the help from the generous donors. SSCH relies on the school tent (the rainbow tent) since it’s the only place where children can spend a few hours learning how to write, read and count. It’s only a few drops in an ocean of grief and indifference, still is the only chance they have to live as kids should, even if it’s only for a short while every day.

During the Mission at the end of February Arianna and Luca left the money to the local contacts in order for them to organise the distribution of food and vouchers. They left Italy in a moment of real confusion, due to the covid-19 emergency, and they didn’t even know how and when they could get back. The trip was really daring since the borders were closed and they had to go through many airports to finally return to their home.


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