When I write about the missione, I feel like I’m always repeating the same things.
And basically I am. But the emotions, the exhaustion and the joy, the feeling of hope and despair, I live in
each journey always have a different expression and load.
Every mission is different because of the different people we meet, as well as the unexpected we face.
There are times that the weather it’s freezing cold, others it’s terribly hot; sometimes you feel more tired
than ever or you leave full of hope and come back with empty hands, even though you accomplished all the
tasks you set in advance.
The same long journey to get to the camp, the lack of sleep every night and of healthy food every day.
This time we spent three days at the camp, then we drove three hours north to get to a urban area. Finally,
we got back to the camp for one more day.
The first three days were dedicated to the distribution of food packs to the 900 resident families and of the
vouchers to the orphans. We bought two stoves for the Rainbow Tents and delivered the school materials
brought from Italy. Finally we bought jackets and clothes for the most fragile groups.
We spent a lot of time in the Rainbow Tents, where kids can live peacefully and happily while they learn
how to write and read, a little bit of history and geography, but most of all they see the hope of a future
without ignorance and slavery.
We brought some books, school material and even two computers. The last day we bought two monitors,
so the kids can follow online educational programs, and maybe some cartoons.
Our teachers are doing an amazing job in a very difficult and instable situation.
We moved to the urban area north of the camp in order to open a school for 40 students. We stayed there
two days in which we met a local ong and discussed with them possible future projects. It is going to be a
very simple school, with only one teacher and a lot of good intentions. The kids that will attend the school
live in a better situation compared to the kids of the camp, but they are still isolated and often rejected by
the local certified schools.
It was very cold and it also snowed. We tried to do as much as possible and reach any possible place in
order to give our help.

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