…an Italian non-profit association that was born from the dream of a group of people of being able to play their part in the world.

The world is a wonderful place if seen with the eyes of children and we try to use the same look of hope that acting with the heart gives back to us.

We have privately taken action to give concrete support to refugees in Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and elsewhere.

With attention mainly to forgotten and oppressed childhood.

None of us is a professional and we act voluntarily in our free time.

Our activity is totally self-financed and, from every little project, contribution and success, we receive more than what we give.

Growing and transforming pain into action is our strength.

Our current challenges: food safety, medical care and protection from cold weather.

Food safety is one of the greatest needs of Syrian refugees living at the borders of their land. Support for people outside official camps remains an extremely urgent and difficult task to tackle. During the last three years, SSCH has consistently met children who live in very harsh conditions, that become worse year after year.

Our goal is to provide Syrian children with food safety and water, medical care and shelter from cold weather.

We go there personally to distribute food, blankets, clothes and medical care. There is always a doctor with us.

Our Future Challenges

Continue with projects in Syrian refugee camps in: Syria, Turkey, Jordan and Iraq.

Our most ambitious project will be to give birth to a school within the Jordanian camp of Zaatari, because those children have been stripped of all rights and only education can save them.

Let’s throw seeds of hope where hatred seems to have won.