The civil war in Syria that has lasted since 2011 has killed thousands of people and dispersed a million, of which millions have become refugees ….


Emergency Yarmouk

Ringraziamo tutti quanti ci hanno sostenuto,  insieme al Comitato Mahmud abbiamo consegnato  a Jafra Foundation 2.109$ con cui sono stati acquistati e consegnati 54 pacchi alimentari a 54 famiglie con 3 o più figli che vivono nella città di ‪Yarmouk‬ dove le condizioni di sopravvivenza sono estreme. Jafra received the amount of 2,109$. Jafra used the amount to purchase [...]

Bimbi orfani ad Atma

                    Queste foto si riferiscono ad un gruppo di bambini orfani che vivono nella tendopoli di Atma, uno dei più grandi campi profughi presenti in territorio siriano lungo il confine turco, nella regione di Idlib. Atma era un campo di olivi sotto i quali la gente che scappava dalla […]

Daraa’s house, a school for children

Daraa is a town located in southern Syria, on the border with Jordan, theater since 2011 of bloody clashes and devastation among the civilian population. It is difficult for International Organizations to know the number of civilian victims and refugees, mainly  children, helpless victims of other people’s folly. Here in Daraa, a heap of ruins  […]

Orphans Atma project – Clean and fresh water for everyone

Our project to support Atma refugee camp continues regarding  particularly orphan children and, when it is possible, the entire community. In agreement with our partners who always update us about the situation of children and the camp, we have chosen to concentrate our efforts on a very precious good: clean drinking and possible fresh water. […]

Distribution of milk to the orphans of Atma

                  Today the little orphans  at  Atma have received a liter of milk each , and their smiles make us happy! Thanks to everybody who allowed us  to fulfill our  small gesture. And above all thanks to Marzia Scura for her generosity. It is thanks to her […]