Iraq has a number of Syrian refugees amounting to 246,592, the majority of whom are concentrated in the area of ​​Erbil, in mostly spontaneous camps. Among them we also find a category of people nicknamed the “survivors”; most of them are women, children and elderly people, most of whom are Yazidis who survived the seizure killings and for this reason with dramatic stories behind them, who are welcomed in this area north of Iraq. In addition, as a result of the succession of wars inside and outside the state, there are also 922,000 displaced people. The dramatic situation in Iraq categorically requires external aid, from private associations, but also from the international community as a whole. Our commitment concerns specific projects for malnutrition, since cases of this type are very frequent in the area at very serious levels. In addition, in collaboration with various associations, we take care of bringing medicines and administering medical care to this needy population.



Mission February 2017 – Iraq

In February 2017 we went to Iraq on our first mission there. The camp was situated a few kilometers from Mosul. Wlile approaching the camp we could see, in the distance, the smoke and we could hear the sounds of war. Someone, who works with our association, stayed there trying to understand how we could [...]