In Jordan, according to the most recent data available from UNHCR (September 2016), there are 655,831 Syrian refugees who represent 7% of the national population.

Jordan is home to the second highest refugee number per 1,000 inhabitants in the world and is the sixth largest refugee country in the world. 93% of Syrians are living outside the camps and below the poverty line. The district of Mafra is home to one of the largest refugee camps in the world, the Zaatari camp, where almost 80,000 people live. All international humanitarian efforts focus on the so-called 5-star Zaatari camp, without paying attention to people outside the camp.


OUR COMMITMENT focuses precisely on these spontaneous camps, where people live without food, drinking dirty water, without access to sanitation and hygienic facilities . Specifically, we bring basic necessities that we buy locally and goods such as blankets, sleeping bags and jackets in the winter season, but we also take care of bringing school materials, given the presence of some schools in areas inhabited by refugees.

The presence of a doctor in our missions is essential to eradicate infections due to dirty water, skin diseases, single cases of different entities or diseases that are easily treatable in our society, such as influenza, which can turn lethal into a refugee camp.