You’re there too in every mission!

SSCh is a small voluntary association that brings concrete aid to the refugee camps that have sprung up spontaneously along the Turkish-Syrian border. Since 2013.
It is the natural evolution of a humanitarian commitment born from the will of Arianna Martini, founder and President of the association. Every month he goes there, together with his team, to follow and document the aid actions in favor of children, orphans, elderly people and families fleeing the war in Syria.

Thanks to the support of many donors who placed their trust in SSCH, the seeds of hope and redemption were planted. The children’s smiles are the greatest and most priceless thanks that Arianna Martini and her team bring home with every mission. And an incentive to always do more and better, to indicate a future with courage and determination to those who have stopped looking for it.

Heartfelt thanks from the entire SSCh Team

SSCh solidarity event
29 november al T-BAKERY

Like last year, this November too we thought we would organize a special event dedicated entirely to us and everything we are achieving together.

Our projects
and our missions

Our goal is to provide Syrian children living in degraded conditions with food and water security, medical care, shelter from the cold and that little bit of education that can free them from slavery and ignorance. We have a long-distance support project for orphaned children. Helping children means helping the communities to which they belong.

“Everything we do is possible thanks to your help and your generosity, without which we couldn’t even dream of carrying out the projects intended to provide relief to the least of the least”.

From the beginning, SSCh has aimed to help Syrian children, orphans and families forced to leave their land and roots. For 10 years, SSCh has been intervening by bringing food, medical care, education and basic necessities to places where nothing exists, not even official recognition of their existence by international bodies, NGOs and government institutions.


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Even a small contribution is necessary.
It allows us to buy medicines, food, blankets, to fix tents, to protect them from the cold by providing socks, shoes, jackets, and to deal with emergencies.

“Poverty is a complicated issue, but feeding a child is not”