We are an independent and non-profit Italian association. We do what we can to make the world a better place, helping the last of the last and working to bring dignity and hope to places where pain and decay seem to prevail. As our name says Support and Sustain Children we like to think that we are doing it one child at a time. Our main mission is to concretely support Syrian refugees. We are not professional cooperators, we act for free in our free time by networking enthusiasm and skills. We see the world as a home to take care of. And men and women, children and the elderly, wherever they are, whatever culture they belong to, a community to belong to.


Our goal is to provide Syrian children living in degraded conditions with food and water security, medical care, shelter from the cold and that little bit of education that can rescue them from slavery and ignorance. We have a long-distance support project for orphaned children. Helping children means helping the communities they belong to.

The children

The first innocent victims of wars are children, forced to leave their homes, to stop going to school and to live in conditions of absolute poverty. They are forgotten and abandoned children, but in their eyes there is always a flame, that hope that we, with your help, try to feed.


If you want to know what we do when we go to the camp, read our mission diaries.


Projects completed


Children saved from malnutrition


Orphan groups


Italian foster families


Years of concrete help

Help us

Even a small contribution is needed.
It allows us to buy medicines, food, blankets, to fix the curtains, to protect them from the cold by procuring socks, shoes, jackets, and to deal with emergencies.