All our interventions are not possible without you. It is you, with your donation, who reaches every child. And to save him.

With each mission we encounter new emergencies, difficulties, problems to solve. But we are not discouraged. We face new challenges determined to give concrete answers. Because only in this way does desperation leave room for hope and pain for smiles. One step at a time, one action at a time. This is how we have built bonds of trust and friendship in these 10 years of operation in the field and have brought comfort and support to everyone, but especially to children. There are many areas in which our action is important and requires the right support. We want to make you participate in our projects by choosing which one to donate your generosity to:

  • Life in the camp (Food parcels – Construction of wells – Sleeping tents – Wood, mattresses, blankets, clothes)
  • School and training (School materials – Support for a teacher – Social network, education and training for women in difficulty)
  • Medical care and health (Drugs and medical devices – Powdered milk and food for malnourished children – Support for the pediatric clinic in Bab Al Salam camp)

SSCh uses the PayPal system, one of the safest and most widespread methods in the world for receiving online donations.