All our interventions are not possible without you. It is you, with your donation, who reaches every child. And to save him.

Our mission is to bring concrete support to orphaned children, refugees and displaced Syrians living in dramatic conditions in the spontaneous camps created along the border with Turkey. We have gained humanitarian experience in Jordan, Iraq, Greece, the Balkans, Romania and we bring our wealth of knowledge and organization to these contexts where everything is missing. Our action comes from the heart. We are not professional aid workers, we are volunteers who put themselves on the line, free of charge, for a greater good: solidarity towards those who have lost everything. Our activities are totally financed from below, through private donations or through targeted tenders. We need everyone’s help. Not only of economic aid but also of contacts and skills useful for our humanitarian mission. Every donation we receive can change the future of many children. Each invested resource is meticulously tracked and reported to restore transparency to those who have placed their trust in us. SSCh uses the PayPal system, one of the safest and most widespread methods in the world for receiving online donations.

You can also donate via bank transfer by indicating the following:

Istituto di credito: Credit Agricole
IBAN: IT29D0623051680000015111286 – BIC: CRPPIT2PXXX
Conto intestato a: Support and Sustain Children
CAUSALE: (Donazione libera) o (Nome del progetto)