In recent years we have brought help to thousands of people in the most desperate and dramatic situations.
We have welcomed emergencies and regularly supported the least of the earth for long periods.


93% of Syrians displaced in Jordan live outside officially recognized camps, and well below the poverty line. The Mafra district is home to one of the largest refugee camps in the world, the Zaatari camp, where almost 80,000 people live. All international humanitarian efforts are focused on the Zaatari camp, without paying any attention to the people outside the camp.

Our commitment  focused, in 2016-2017, on the spontaneous fields on the edge of Zaatari and Al Mafraq, where people live in conditions of absolute degradation and without any food, medical and hygienic support. SSCH brought locally purchased basic necessities  and goods such as blankets, winter clothing, tents, school supplies, medicines as well as medical assistance during SSCh missions on site.

  • May 2017

  • August 2016


Iraq has welcomed a number of Syrian refugees equal to 246,592 units, the majority of which are concentrated in the Erbil area, in mostly spontaneous camps.

SSCh brought its humanitarian action to the Erbil/Mosul refugee camp in 2016-2017. The succession of wars inside and outside the State has displaced a very high number of stateless people: as many as 922,000 in the aforementioned area alone. In this context, SSCh has engaged in specific projects related to malnutrition and in collaboration with other associations has taken care of bringing medicines and administering medical care to the needy population

  • February 2017


SSCH visited and supported the refugee camp in Moria, Lesbos Island, in 2018 – 2019, in collaboration with the NGO refugee4refugees. The human and living conditions in the camp are unimaginable, probably the worst that SSCh has experienced. Humanitarian aid focused on the distribution of clothing, blankets, healthcare and food parcels.

  • February 2019

  • November 2018


In 2018/2019 SSCh met the Parada Association which has been operating in Romania since 1996, in support of street children in Bucharest. His humanitarian work uses various intervention tools such as social art, school and health services, a day center with the aim of snatching children and young people from a life spent in the sewers and on the sidewalks of the city, living on expedients and child prostitution. SSCh provided remote support to the Parada mobile unit which provides healthcare and rescue.

  • May 2018