Distribution of school supplies

How beautiful normality is! Wake up in the morning, hug mum and dad, be scolded because you are late and go to school. Going to school. Those lucky ones who can still embrace their mother and their father have had to renounce going to school for several years: which parent would send their child to a semi-collapsed school with a hole in the ceiling? Which parent would have the courage to say goodbye to his child at the gate without knowing if he or she will return home? The answer is easy: none.

The children of this refugee camp in Jordan were forced to interrupt their studies in the first years of primary school; some of them no longer remember how to write their name. The little ones have never held a pen. In this camp during our mission in August 2016, we discovered a strong desire to bring back a bit of normality into their lives, but the material for all children was lacking. We have therefore decided to collaborate in creating a space for learning and education by bringing notebooks, felt-tip pens, pencils and many crayons, as shown in the photos of the distribution. Granting them a right enshrined in the greatest International Declarations means certainly giving them a strong form of emancipation, but above all granting them a bit of normality and comfort, a sign that not everyone has forgotten them.

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