The first innocent victims of wars are children, forced to abandon their homes, stop going to school and live in conditions of absolute poverty. They are forgotten, abandoned children, often orphans, but in their eyes there is always a flame, that hope that we, with your help, try to fuel.


The girl is disfigured in the body and wounded in the soul. To treat her properly, we would have to take her out of Syria but it is impossible and for now we can only ensure that she can eat and heal her wounds. The situation is bleak, she lives in a refugee camp and even when she goes to school the children are afraid of her and do not play with her. Our commitment is to continue to be close to you.

Nour and brothers

This little girl and her nine siblings live in the camp we support but, unfortunately, they were taken back to Syria by deception. They are alone and all we can do today is bring them financial support and try to bring them back to the camp where we have been taking care of them for several years.

Thalassemia children, Rahaf and Muhammed

They are two siblings suffering from thalassemia for whom we have been taking care of all the therapies that this disease entails for years.


The girl is affected by Cat Eyes Syndrome which is a disease that leads to more than one pathology, all quite severe. We supported her to be able to undergo the re-canalization operation and we continue to support her in her treatment path.

Abdullah and his brothers

Abdullah is a child we have known for a long time and he cared for his five brothers alone. Their situation is among the most fragile in the camp and the association provides for their financial support, as well as being a remotely supported group.


It is perhaps the most dramatic situation in the camp. Nour practically lives as a stray, cared for by a lady who does it as and when he can. The association takes care of her, as well as having been included in the distance support programme.

Rahed and his brothers

Rahed is a child who takes care of his four brothers alone. Their situation is among the most fragile in the camp and the association provides for their financial support, as well as having included it in the distance support program.

Children we have supported


Mohammed is the Syrian boy you see smiling in this photo, when he was 11 years old (he is now 15). Having escaped from Syria at war with his large family, he lives along the Turkish-Syrian border, in a tent, in a spontaneous refugee camp. When SSCh met him, on the occasion of the first mission in October 2014, he was seriously ill: his illness, diagnosed by the Italian doctor who came on that mission with the SSCh team, despite being very serious, was curable, but unfortunately his family could not provide. The necessary medicines for the first month were provided and in doing so his life was saved. As soon as they returned to Italy, a fundraiser was set up so that in November 2014, during SSCh’s second mission, more medicines could be brought to him and his treatment could be extended. In February 2015, during the third mission, the disease was still active and the boy’s health was increasingly compromised. SSCh took action and arranged for clinical tests to be carried out at the nearest hospital. All this was possible thanks to many supporters who believed in SSCh, and to the extraordinary contribution of the Mahmud Committee.

Our project: a new life for Mohammed and his family

Following medical tests, the boy was diagnosed with serious kidney and liver problems. Not only was treatment essential but also living in a healthy environment. It is therefore impossible to live in the camp, under a tent, without any hygienic and health service. In 2015, during the summer mission, suitable accommodation was identified in a rented house, far from the camp, but close to the hospital. The project supported by SSCh was to guarantee him the opportunity to receive treatment, staying in a decent home with his family, supporting his daily and extraordinary needs due to his sick condition.

Sit El Hosn Abu Ahmad

This little girl, born in Tadmor (Palmyra), has been suffering from type I diabetes since 2009. Her family is very poor, so much so that they cannot guarantee her minimum healthcare. SSCh takes care of your medical needs.

Milk Project bambini Yemen

Yemeni children have no future, their only choice is to die under the bombs or starve. They are children forgotten and abandoned by the rest of the world. SSCh has supported them remotely since May 2018. All this was possible thanks to the precious work of the Nour Committee.

Jalal Abaza

Little J., only 3 years old, lived in one of the Syrian cities most affected by the war. Thanks to the Nour Committee, SSCh supported him and his family for a few months. Unfortunately, little Jalal was later diagnosed with cancer. The family never gave up hope of saving him but unfortunately little Jalal didn’t make it. Because the war causes him to die too due to lack of care and aid.

Lymar Ahmad

Lymar, is 3 years old and lives in Hamouria, near Damascus. She suffers from cerebral ascites and has been operated on several times but the last operation did not have a good outcome. The war killed his father and her mother does her best to support her and her two older brothers with tailoring work. SSCh together with Nour Committee helped little Lymar with her first surgeries.

Ziad Al Shami

He is a 13 year old boy who lives in Douma. He is paralyzed from the pelvis down, having received a bullet in the spine while searching for food for his family. His situation is tragic: his father was killed in Assad’s prisons, he has 4 younger brothers and sisters. The family is very poor. The trauma he suffered forced him into infirmity with consequences of serious pain and discomfort due to the numerous bed sores from which he suffered. The mother tries by every means to compensate, accepting menial jobs of any kind to ensure everyone’s survival.