We write the compelling story of our recent trip to the heart of Madagascar. It was an overwhelming experience, full of emotion and meaning, which deeply touched our hearts and renewed our commitment to supporting the most vulnerable communities.

The trip started with a flight to Antananarivo, the capital, and then we did a 3-day drive to the very south of the island, through breathtaking and surprising landscapes. From lush vegetation to a barren, arid land, we passed through landscapes that tell stories of life and survival.

Arriving in the four villages that we chose to support starting last October, we immediately immersed ourselves in the daily reality of the people who live in these remote lands.

Water, a source of life and sustenance, was at the center of our intervention. While we dig the wells, an activity that has not yet started, a tanker has been passing by since October to deliver water once a week to all four villages.

Every gesture of solidarity made a difference: from the tons of rice distributed to the construction of wells to ensure sustainable access to water in the long term. We witnessed the daily activities of the communities; listened to their stories; tried to understand their reality and learned about the challenges they face every day. We danced together, shared laughter and tears, felt the warmth of the welcome of a community united in difficulty.

Furthermore, we provided medical assistance to three sick people, guaranteeing them the care necessary to deal with health-related difficulties. Every action carried out during these fifteen days was guided by the desire to make a difference and alleviate the suffering of those in great need.

We are now working to advance the project, drilling wells and continuing to support these communities in the long term.

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