The mission in August is very particular and “full”. We have more time to think and go deep. This time Lidia is our only volunteer and she goes to the camp together with a friend of her. For an entire week they stay close to the border hosted by Majad (The Sons of War), who help us with our project. They are running activities for the university, but they spend most of their time with the families. So while delivering the checks, they stay with the refugees and listen to their stories.

They have come back very tired but full of rediscovered humanity. The families have felt really close to them and Italian donors have got to know a lot more about the life of the people they support.

At the end of the mission Lidia goes to the camp for one day to check Tamer (the baby who suffers from cerebral palsy and is fed with a tube in his stomach) and bring milk to the other malnourished babies identified in the previous mission.

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