The mission proved to be extremely challenging because of the adverse weather conditions and the long distances we had to travel.

We initially landed at a different airport. This affected the number of kilometers traveled, which was already burdensome, to reach the desired border.

Once on site, we collaborated with a local association to distribute food baskets to about 400 families, half of what was initially estimated for the ordinary Camp at the Border. The selection of beneficiary families was done carefully, including orphans, people with physical or mental disabilities, paralyzed, maimed or sick adults, focusing efforts on vulnerable households. La selezione delle famiglie beneficiarie è stata fatta attentamente, includendo orfani, persone con disabilità fisiche o mentali, adulti paralizzati, mutilati o malati, concentrando gli sforzi su nuclei familiari vulnerabili. During the distribution, we noted with emotion that these families, despite the adverse weather conditions, had waited in line since the early morning hours to receive their daily or monthly rations, forming an impressive scene of solidarity and endurance in the rain and cold.

Amidst the rain, those with wheelchairs and crutches could not get close during the distribution of aid. With Pietro, we decided to go directly to them, helping with identity verification and delivering the packages. An unimaginable situation. A strength that probably only comes out in such desperate conditions. An experience that made us think deeply about the existence of invisible humanity, relegated to extreme conditions.

We continued to visit vulnerable families in the urban area, focusing on those whom we have been supporting for the past year in the post-earthquake period.
Although we had initially planned to enter Syria, passport transcription issues prevented us from obtaining the necessary permits.

However, thanks to the outstanding team and the help of local colleagues, Bakri above all, we have begun food distribution and support to orphans and families in need.

Important news: the situation at the Camp seems to have finally unblocked. We say this in a low voice, still. – Despite the obstacles, we have kept our commitment and are reflecting on how to improve local management. We were forced to remove the coordinator because of a series of problems that turned out to be insurmountable. However, we feel a strong sense of responsibility: we are not abandoning those affected and will continue to support the community, strengthening collaboration and planning for expanded aid distribution in the coming months.

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