Until the very last we waited for permits to enter, as always, northwestern Syria and follow the projects excellently coordinated by the local team. But they did not arrive, because of the once again tense situation. In recent weeks there have been bombings, new victims adding to those of a decade-long war and a catastrophic earthquake. The population is exhausted, new refugees pouring over the borders.

While the team in Syria continued the distributions of tents, mats, mattresses, blankets, gas ovens, food, milk and supports, we left Italy and stopped at the refugee camp on the Turkish border and did our best.
As always there is a lot of work, late into the evening and in close contact with the two camp’s coordinators. How many children, youth and families were helped?

The answer is: all those in the refugee camp, each tent received its food basket, each baby received its milk powder packages, each orphan nucleus received monthly support, each family in dire straits was visited, no one was left behind because our humanitarian intervention does not aim at group survival alone but seeks the good of each individual person and the value of each human story.

One of our prides is the Rainbow Tent, where children and young boys and girls try to defeat illiteracy and experience a bit of their stolen childhood, we devoted a lot of attention to them again this time with written checks, but also with moments of joy and social bonding.

We have also managed to bring about a nice improvement in their school life, now during classes our little students will be able to rest their notebooks on desks, with which we have filled the tent, and no longer have to squat on the mats that serve as the floor.

So there is so much that we manage to do with each mission,

it takes a tremendous effort,

to stand firm and try to be the change we want to see in the world, all together.

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