This time we came home tired but satisfied. It felt like we were on the road for months because of how many different realities we touched and how many lives we reached. And how many things we managed to accomplish. In northwestern Syria, we worked for three days elbow to elbow with our local team in the scorching temperature of at least 40 degrees. We distributed missing tents to earthquake victims, powdered milk to infants, visited families we support and orphaned children waiting for our support. We stayed in Idlib, in a surreal atmosphere and immersed ourselves in the amazement of a city that is starting to live again. However, the situation is dramatic everywhere: no jobs, little infrastructure, political tension and fear of an imminent resumption of conflict. We visited the Aman centre that we run thanks to the logistics of Elaf for Relief and Development.

There was a positive energy in the air, a desire for these girls to emancipate themselves, to grow, to have a future again. Dr. Ali’s Clinic is also working very well, and at least 400 children a month can receive medical care and medicine completely free of charge. We then came back to Turkish soil, to the camp we have been supporting for at least 10 years. In five days we have managed to distribute food baskets, powdered milk for toddlers, long-distance supports to orphans and fragile families, attended Rainbow Tent classes, reached all the most difficult situations we care for, and spent valuable time with children and adults for whom we are the only hope. We are tired, yes. But also filled with a thousand emotions that urge us to never forget that everyone’s help can really make a difference.

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