The weather was very hot and the dust got in our eyes. Still the only thing that mattered was the beauty of our projects and the determination to be there and build relationships, manage emergencies, identifying ‘invisible’ families and children, share their lives and their world. A world that is able to give and take so much.

It was me, Arianna, Gianluca, my husband, and Yahya, our local coordinator and interpreter. We are a very close-knit team. Sometimes we argue or get discouraged, but we also smile and rejoice together and we are always able to get back on our feet and overcome every difficult moment.

We brought food packs to the families, followed the progresses of the Rainbow Tents, connected with the school Vivaldi Murialdo in Torino, checked the water wells, and registered the people in need of medical assistance, in order to organise medical aid for the next mission.
We spent time in the tents where we shared many moments, both beautiful and sad. We delivered vouchers to the orphans. Some of them have left the camp and others have arrived. We now support more than 120 groups, all in need of food and love. We have been disappointed by a few individuals, but the great majority of the people in the camp just opened our hearts and payed off for all the hard work. We came back richer and alive.

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