The construction of the well

In October we go to the camp twice: in mid-October and at the end of the month. Since our last mission in August, we have worked tirelessly to the project of the water well for the camp. We have developed the project through many contacts, quotations, video calls and we have run a fundraising campaign.

The works started at the beginning of October and now me and Luca are there to monitor the improvements and deliver the funds collected. We check the excavations and notice that they have already reached the water. We assist to the building of the internal coating and buy the extraction pump. We spend few beautiful days at the camp and we are deeply fulfilled by the awareness that this project will change the life and health conditions of hundreds of people and children.

The children’s happiness is immense after they see the water coming out of the well.

During this mission we also provide support to the most fragile people of the camp, as we always do, and we start to buy the materials needed to re-open the Rainbow Tent. Lastly, we organise the creation of a second school tent as we realise that we cannot fit all children just in one. At the end of October we go back to the camp, together with the doctor (Anna), the teacher responsible for the tents (Elisabetta), and the photographer (Paolo). The building of the well is finished in one part of the camp. The water comes out and people can take it manually, but our intention by the end of the year is to install the filters, the accumulation tank, and build other points of supply throughout the camp. For two entire days doctor Anna visits and cures everyone who is in need. She examines the conditions of malnourished children we are used to follow, as well as the new cases.

Together with Elisabetta, we select 4 teachers for the two Rainbow Tents. She also organises the activities that will take place over the next months. The opening of the school activities is a touching moment of happiness. Later we distribute the supplies of milk powder to the malnourished children and the vouchers to the orphans supported by Italian donors. Again we find new kids and families in need that will have to be associated to new donors. We finally distribute food packs to all the families (following as usual the lists prepared from the two coordinators of the camp) and we take care of supporting the most fragile and unlucky people in the camp.

Me and Luca stay at the camp two more days in order to organize the widespread web of support that we really want to provide.

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