Finding the words to tell a mission is not always easy. Emotions as well as facts should speak for themselves, in a mix of hope and fear, success and frustration, joy and exhaustion. So much effort, yet it is never enough. No time to look back, it would not help. In October the weather was really hot. Very high temperatures make the life of children, adults and elderly people even more complicated. The first well is no longer adequate to serve the camp, due to continuous drops in supply, so we started digging a second well. We left the camp while they were completing it and it was finished in the following days. The distribution of the food packs is now a consolidated procedure and it goes smoothly following the list drawn by our coordinators at the camp. It takes us all day, but in the meantime we are able to carry out other activities. We also followed the progresses of the Rainbow tents. It’s always fulfilling to be in the tents with the kids. They don’t have much, they write sitting on the floor, but there is a very special feeling. It’s about the kids, the way they share their improvements with us and the way we believe in them. We built the second tent so that more children can find a way out of illiteracy. We distributed distance aid to the 111 groups of orphans. The distribution always takes us 3 intense days, tiresome but full of their smiles, tears and of the responsibility we feel for them. Like every mission, we followed the most vulnerable cases. It’s impossible and useless to report each case: what matters is that every child or person in need can find us ready to support. We do not leave anyone behind. It is all you learn when you start recognising these people forgotten by the world and screaming for help.

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