The June mission is mainly focused on medical care: we have a team of two doctors and a nurse, we have also arranged with a medical App so instead of writing on paper we will record everything online so that we will have it usable for analysis and consideration.

We have already ordered the medicines from Italy, and we just need to pick them up before heading to camp. Already in the morning the heat is stifling, the sun is beating down and there is not a breeze. We reach the camp mid-morning and our local coordinators have already prepared the space where doctors and nurse will visit for three consecutive days.

Unfortunately, serious cases or those that need further investigation are quite a large number and also desperate cases. We do what we can to solve them on the spot, our doctors know very well that sending them to the hospital is a waste of time because if you don’t have an identity you don’t get treated, even if you pay.

It is not easy every time to visit in a refugee camp, amidst heat and bugs, and to make often vital decisions. But our doctors do, and they do it relentlessly. Many young people have the typical symptoms of mental fatigue, psychological stress, and we spend as much as we can on them as well.

Alongside this important activity, we carry on the long-distance supports, the distribution of food baskets and powdered milk for the little ones, the supports to the fragile families we take care of, the meetings with those who ask and the listening to everyone we can.

Fatima receives what she earned from the sale of her jewellery and I take back the ones she prepared for us, we leave her with more orders that she will prepare for us in August. We are happy that this girl can somehow be fulfilled. We have decided to do learning audits of the children who attend our Rainbow Tent, the small school at the camp, and award the 5 children who put in the most effort with as many backpacks.

School is going swimmingly, the kids are happy and running to class every night after their jobs in the farm fields. Progress is slow, we talk about literacy, but we are not giving up.

Due to a mishap on my part, the writer is Arianna, we have to return early and skip the visit to Syria where only Yahya and I would have entered.

The projects of food distribution, milk, orphan support and the visit to the new Aman centre in Syria will be taken care of by Bakri, the contact person in Syria who coordinates a team of three people egregiously

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